4th annual Harstine Island art studio tour

4th annual Harstine Island art studio tour
Memorial day weekend (Sat/Sun/Mon 10 to 5)
2014 participants :

John Benn (wood-fired kiln pottery) www.benngallagher.com

Jim Anderson (makes socks on a 1920 era sock-making contraption)

Kathy Ross (sculpture with maps, books, tin)  www.kathyross3d.com

Colleen Gallagher (wood-fired kiln pottery)


For information, call Kathy Ross 971 247 5954

Grand Opening of new stores, “BETTER ON YOU” and “GALLERY GRRLZ”

Hello All!!!

    Probably not many of you have heard about the opening of our new store, “BETTER ON YOU” and “GALLERY GRRLZ”, located at 413 W Railroad in Shelton. By ‘our’, I mean myself, (Deb Hart), Terri Thompson, Karen Sandberg, Connie Simpson, Annette Matrisciano, and Kathy Geist.  The store will feature the very best of both worlds; women’s clothes and boots, (YEAH) jewelry and cards of all sorts and both original art and prints.  What more could you want in one place!!!
    The ribbon cutting is at 4:00 PM on Friday, November 1st. and we’d love to see you there!!!
    Now, as for club business, the next meeting will be on SUNDAY, November 10th at 1:30 in the Skookum Room at the PUD on Johns Prairie Road.  (REMEMBER, we move to winter hours and days in November). Not sure at this point what the topic will be. If you would like to speak, show your work, or do a demo, we’d LOVE to hear from YOU!!!!! Call me (426-8906) or Becky (426-1842) with ideas, questions, or whatever…
    …also, REMEMBER, we vote this month on new Board members and officers.  We still need to fill some spaces and would really appreciate some of you newer (and older :) members joining in the merriment and fun that comes with being a working part of YOUR club.
AND, hope to see you all at the Ribbon cutting for BETTER ON YOU / GALLERY GRRLZ  NOV.1 @ 4:00!

New WordPress System

Here is a whole new website system, and it’s going to take a while to catch up and add all the stuff back that was here before!  Don’t worry, it will all come back!

With WordPress, anyone will be able to contribute, make changes, upload newsletters, etc., or I’ll be able to do those things myself no matter which computer I’m nearest at the time.  After delaying the newsletter three times because my Dreamweaver computer wasn’t available, I knew something had to change  :-)